The Future of Eveningwear

Eveningwear is what most of us wear in order to feel stylish for a night on the town, and it might get stylish in a completely different way in the future. We’ve all had the experience of spilling something on a nice suit, dress, or other great and expensive piece of evening wear. In the future, people will be able to change the color of their eveningwear, and that isn’t going to be as much of a problem.

The prototypes for this sort of thing are already in development. The clothes will be designed with this technology and there will be an app for it. If you spill some wine on your dress, you can change it to a burgundy one with an app. If your suit is the wrong color, you can change it just as easily with the activation of a simple app.

This sort of advance is going to create a situation in which people basically have several items of clothing all at once. A dress is several dresses if it changes color. You can cut some of your shopping needs in half as long as you’re able to get more use out of your dresses and suits in that manner.

Naturally, a lot of the new eveningwear of the future is going to be made from the same fabric that repels bacteria. Not only are your clothes going to be cleaner as a result, but they’re also not going to be as fragrant in the worst way. Evening wear is held to excessively high standards when it comes to cleanliness, and the microfibers of the future are going to be able to meet those standards at last.

Online shopping is making shopping in stores less of a pastime these days. People aren’t going to the mall in order to hang out and shop as often these days. They just get what they need online. Shopping malls are becoming collections of places like bowling alleys and arcades. The future of eveningwear is only going to continue to end the future of shopping malls.

The thing is, evening wear probably isn’t going to look that different. We might expect that the cool and futuristic evening wear of the future is going to look as futuristic as people might think that it is. That probably isn’t going to happen, though. Clothes have looked pretty much the same for most of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

They’re probably going to continue to look the same. A time traveler from a hundred years ago might barely recognize how this futuristic little black dress is so different from a little black dress that she might have worn. However, this is a little black dress that can become a blue one and that is never going to pick up deadly bacteria, and that’s more futuristic than a little black dress with a slightly different shape.