Splurge vs Save

Anyone in the fashion industry has the word “trendy” on their lips most of the time. If they aren’t looking at innovation, they are in the wrong business. If you aren’t up to date and new, you are old hat and likely to be ignored. This is the kiss of death for a designer. Every aspect of the field is touched by a passion for the new from clothing and shoes to accessories and jewelry. It makes for a lot of daily excitement as the news reports everything that appears for the first time on the Web. The fashion bloggers and critics went crazy when some new basketball shoes recently came out for kids. They are huge consumers and if something goes viral, it means good times ahead for the industry. Kids are fickle and will change brands if others are buying them. I like to hear success stories. I also like knowing that prices are dropping in areas where they had been skyrocketing. Usually, if you buy what is hot, it costs an arm and a leg. This is really true of stylish, well-made sports shoes.

I have looked in the past for reasonable sneakers at no more than a fair price. Like everyone else, you want what the top players are wearing, but you can’t always afford them. If they attach their name to a brand, it spells profits. But it you can get a pretty good shoe under one hundred dollars from an off brand, why not go for it. Why are you emptying your pockets for fads? I know for a fact that cheaper shoes can be just as good as the expensive kind whether you wear them for fun and fashion or on the playground at the park. There is a time to splurge, and a time to save. The basketball shoes for under $100 that you can buy from here can last just as long and they are made of similar materials. Sometimes the copy is identical to the high-priced version. There isn’t always a fall-off in quality. Some kids don’t realize that they often pay through the nose for over-built shoes that have too much detail that doesn’t impact functionality. For some, the design is worth it just as it matters for leather jackets. When did the fashion world go nuts? You see it in designer handbags that sell for thousands but include about $100 of leather and lining.

When you buy practical things like basketball shoes, you have a list of priorities including fit, comfort, ease of use (putting them on and taking them off), appearance, waterproofing, and style. If you can get all this for under $100, you have found the perfect solution. You can be in fashion and save money all at the same time. I love the idea that you can buy two pairs for the price of one. I am a frugal sort, hence my interest in promoting personal economy in the blog. Take my advice and you won’t be disappointed in your new athletic shoes.