Odd Runway Show Tonight

I am happy to offer my skills to charity. I feel that it is important for all of us, no matter our profession, to give back. Recently, I was asked to participate in a fashion show fundraiser and jumped at the chance. I don’t have such opportunities very often. I shouldn’t have gotten myself so excited because it was not what I expected. I thought it would be a classy event that focused on the fun of modern fashion with a bit of techno fabric thrown in. As you might know, this is my forte. Instead, it had an outdoor runway and the guests were paying more attention to the kegerator (they look like this) than the clothes. As a whole, looking at the event from expert eyes, the runway aspect was well organized and came off without a hitch. However, I was not impressed with the surroundings. I would have preferred another venue. As for the kegerator, why on earth was it there? I would have opted for chilled bottles of wine or even champagne. It brought the entire experience down to a low level. I can’t imagine who made this decision.

Next time I will ask more questions or even offer to run the event myself. I have been to enough of these shows to know the ropes although I am not an expert coordinator. In this case, I would have outdone the “professional” hired. My dog could have done better. Ha! You want to offer refreshments but they should not be equivalent to a college keg party. Have you ever smelled stale beer? While I like beer as a refreshing drink, I would not serve it in a keg on a serve yourself basis. It would have been fine if the fundraiser had been a tasting party. Then it would have made sense and guests would be appropriately talking about the various lagers and ales and it would make for some great Facebook moments. Maybe the hosts did not invite the right crowd, one who would enjoy fashion. You want to put people in the right spirit to make a donation, but if they are not into the clothes, they are unlikely to become motivated. At best this crowd would have run off to the local liquor store.

They had the right idea with attractive professional models who looked great and walked the runway with ease. There was some light music that didn’t detract. I was most grateful for everything that had been done correctly. I wish there had been flowers or other festive adornment. Paper beer cups were all that was displayed and these were not even stacked in a nice orderly fashion. The cocktail napkins showed the logo of the beer provider. Free publicity! It was a horror. The models did not remain to mingle with the tipsy guests and I didn’t blame them.

Let’s give a rousing cheer to fashion and the creative geniuses who make it. Let’s boo the coordinators of this ridiculous fundraiser and hope they have learned their lesson.