Making Your Business Bag Investment Last

Technology has brought us every conceivable machine for manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution. It has enabled us to fly at immense speeds, take bullet trains, drive automobiles by computer, speak to people in other countries without a long-distance operator, and now research anything we like with the click of a mouse. Gone are transistor radios, dial phones, cathode ray tubes, ice boxes, foot pedal sewing machines, steam engines, and newspapers. Poof and we no longer see turntables (except that I hear they are making a nostalgic comeback), blackboards, ink-filled pens, boom boxes, and crank ice cream makers. It has resulted in better housing with central air and heating, and modern plumbing and fixtures. There is nothing it hasn’t touched. We can split an atom, build a car with a robot, produce drugs beyond belief, and look at the person at the other end of the telephone line while we are talking thanks to face time.

I love the way technological advancement has changed the clothing industry which has evolved right along with the new techno fabrics. Things last longer than they used to due to newfound durability and tensile strength. Anything made of fabric has seen this advantage. Take backpacks and bags. The materials are sturdy and resilient no matter what the weather conditions. They are heat resistant and waterproof as well as washable and self-drying. While a good business bag costs a pretty penny, it should last the duration of your career. Knowing a lot about fabrics and how they can be cared for and mended, I know that a good back is a very worthwhile investment.

Take a little time now and then and attend to the condition of your bag. It may need polishing or oiling if it is leather, or dry cleaning if it is traditional fabric. Read the instructions that come with your item or follow the basic guidelines here. Everything you need to know is under the section labeled “Special Care.” If in doubt, speak to the manufacturer on Facebook. Most bags can be mended by a shoe and handbag repair service. Some interesting fabrics these days are coated with a special finish, especially for children’s merchandise. They feel like plastic but they are much better in fact. This same material is used for rainwear and totes. It gives a very modern and updated look to fashion. I don’t much care for an entire outfit made of it, but perhaps a skirt or belt. Most of the time, technology means synthetic materials used in creative ways to substitute for cotton, silk, and wool. They are resistant to insects, particularly those destructive moths. New fabrics can be wrinkle free, saving you considerable time ironing. They pass the test of school children who don’t give a hoot about protecting their clothing.

Those in the fashion industry keep their eye on trends, especially in fabrics. Many are using computerized systems to create and execute modern designs. Watch out. A new fad may be within your grasp. Running with it may reap you good fortune.