Dazzle up Your Wardrobe

Hi everyone! Get out your welders as I am about to give you some tips for your dull personal wardrobe. Yes, believe it, a welder can produce all kinds of fabulous things. I know; I am a designer that lives on the cutting edge. I use every technique out there in design land to make things to wear and sell. I will try something as unusual as welding if it results in a new creation. There is so much on the market that you have to wrack your brain to be original and catch the attention of buyers these days which is what led me to a Facebook page where they share ideas of interesting things to make with a welder. There are no universal standards any more, and just about anything goes. If you want a new look that will raise heads, get out that construction device. You can rent or borrow them in different sizes and I suggest going small.

The first idea I have is to make metal buttons to jazz up a denim jacket or jeans. If you want a heavy-duty item, you can weld an existing round object to a metal base. You can buy these bases at jewelry supply stores. Buttons are the simplest and most eye-catching way to embellish clothing. There is no limit to the style. You can have a polished top or an etched design—just use your imagination. A plus is that buttons are easy to sell.

With your mini welder, you can join silver pieces, making them into a triangle, before putting them on the tips of a collar. It is best to do this to a heavier type of fabric like cotton chambray or denim. They would be too heavy for voile or silk. You can get thin silver however if you prefer. I also like to make link chains that I can cut to size and drape across a piece of clothing. It looks great hanging from a pocket on pants or on the bottom of a simple top to make it more festive. You don’t weld things to your attire, but you make things with which to decorate their surfaces. Metal is all the rage on handbags and shoes, and of course is a staple of jewelry making. You can glue it, weld it, bend it, transform it, and come up with something innovative and unique.

At a crafts fair, I like to populate my exhibit table with a variety of hand-made items. People love anything not machine made, especially if it has a story to tell. Goods are so identical with all the chain stores in the malls and on line. Bring your welder and give a demonstration of your craft. Customers will flock around. They will purchase something interesting if they can get to know you first. This provides them with information to relate to people who admire your handiwork. Remember that it takes time to learn how to weld and develop skills. Practice makes perfect.